Purchasing is responsible for assisting City departments in procuring supplies and services at the best value to the City of Azle. This includes assisting with bid specifications, bid tabulations and conducting formal sealed bid proceedings.

• To purchase the proper goods or services to suit the City’s needs.
• To get the best value for goods or services.
• To have the goods or services available where and when needed.
• To assure a continuing supply of needed goods or services.
• Ensure responsible bidders are given a fair opportunity to compete for the City’s business.
• Ensure public funds are safeguarded.

Conflict of Interest Forms

Vendor Disclosure

Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code requires that any vendor or person considering doing business with a local government entity to disclose in the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (CIQ) form (PDF) any information about the vendor’s or person’s affiliation or business relationship that might cause a conflict of interest with a local government officer. By law, the CIQ form must be filed with the City Secretary’s office within seven business days.

Vendor CIQ forms (PDF) on file (currently no forms on file.

Local Government Officer Disclosure

The Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement (PDF) must be filed with the City Secretary’s office within seven business days once the local government officer becomes aware of facts that require the officer to file this statement in accordance with Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code.

Conflicts Disclosure Statements (PDF) on file

Additional information
For additional information on the questionnaire or disclosure statement, visit the Texas Ethic’s Commission’s website.