Planning & Zoning


On August 2, 2022, City Council approved amendments to the minimum lot sizes and house sizes for all SF Zoning Districts (Ord. No. 2022-18) effective immediately.


The Planning and Zoning Department helps ensure that new construction and new businesses are in compliance with city zoning and development ordinances and land within the city and its extra-territorial jurisdiction area is platted in accordance with the city’s subdivision ordinances.

While this site provides general information regarding procedures for zoning, platting and re-platting property, the regulations in the zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations and other development-related ordinance must be satisfied before a plat, re-plat or zoning request may be approved.

Developers are thus encouraged to contact the Planning and Zoning Department to arrange a recommended pre-application meeting to discuss development-related ordinances in detail.

Download Maps & Documents

Copies of development-related ordinances may be obtained from this department or downloaded from this site.