Payment Averaging

Average Monthly Payment Plan

Texas summers can be tough on your water budget. To help you "even out" the highs and lows of your water bills, the City of Azle offers this plan.

Your AMP (average monthly payment) amount from each month is an average of your last eleven months of history, plus your current billing. AMP does not change the rate that you pay, or the amount of your usage from month to month. It simply allows you to pay less in high usage months, by paying more in low usage months.

Because your current usage is used when calculating the average for the last twelve months, the amount you pay per month will vary.

Your water meter will still be read every month, and your actual usage will still be printed on your bill.


You qualify for AMP if you are a residential customer with twelve or more months of continuous billing history, and have no history of disconnects for nonpayment, insufficient (NSF) checks, or more than two late payments within the last year.