Success With Every Azle Teen (SWEAT)

SWEAT is a volunteer program which allows juvenile misdemeanor offenses an alternative to the Criminal Justice System. Juveniles “pay” for their offense through community service and involvement in the judicial process. Upon successful completion of the program, the case is dismissed and will not appear on their driving record.

The SWEAT program is sponsored by the City of Azle Police Department. The City of Azle and the Azle Police Department cooperate to make SWEAT a successful program.

If you have any questions regarding the SWEAT program, please email Felicia King or call (817) 444-5088.


Juveniles (ages 12-18) who are currently enrolled in an accredited secondary school may request SWEAT for most traffic violations. Other types of offenses that are Class C misdemeanors may be referred to SWEAT, but a teen is not eligible if the teen has been through the SWEAT program in the past two years. More than one offense may be referred to SWEAT if they occurred at the same time.


Participation in the SWEAT program is voluntary and based on admission of guilt. A plea of guilty or no contest must be entered before the Municipal Court Judge in order to enter the SWEAT program.


There is a non-refundable $20 administrative fee per violation upon requesting to participate in SWEAT. This fee is in lieu of the fine and court costs. If a juvenile does not successfully complete the SWEAT program, the full fine and court costs will be due in full.

Discipline Grid

Punishment consists of a specific number of hours of community service and/or attendance at behavioral modification classes as prescribed by the Court.


Successful completion of the SWEAT requirements within the required time frame will result in the dismissal of the case(s).

Failure to complete the requirements will result in the case(s) being sent back to the Municipal Court Judge. The original fine and court costs will be due in full and the offense will be reported to the Department of Public Safety as a conviction. If the fine and court costs are not paid, a warrant of arrest may be issued and a suspension of driver’s license will be issued until the case(s) are disposed.

Community Service Work Sites

Proper dress is required. Remember this is work, not play. Please wear proper and appropriate clothing and footwear.

Work Site Rules

1. Be on time. Workdays begin promptly at 7 a.m. If you are late, you WILL be sent home.

2. Abide by dress code

3. No smoking while on duty

4. No friends will be allowed to visit you while you are working

5. If any change in schedule is necessary due to illness or emergency, call Dispatch at (817) 444-3221.

If you are scheduled for SWEAT, follow through with the times you are committed to work. Failure to abide by the rules will result in your case(s) being returned to the municipal court. If you are returned, you will owe the full fine and court costs and the offense(s) will appear as a conviction on your record.